Saturday, April 06, 2013

"What will you do about your blog title if you move?"

I didn't know for a long time. 

Turns out: I'd change it.  Since my layout heavily featured a Heidelberg-centric photo, I threw out the layout, too.  For a little while the blog is going to show some things that don't work or don't belong, but hopefully I'll have it all sorted relatively soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the last  picture I took before we left Heidelberg, and the first I took after we arrived in Birmingham.


  1. Will you offer a pronunciation guide?

    [brumma JEM* arin]
    [brumma ja MER in]
    [broo MAZH a meRIN] ← pour les quebecois

    * is truly outrageous.

  2. I'm also curious about where the new name comes from. Do tell!

    Also, I'm loving your new layout!

    1. Thanks! I got the template from the link at the very bottom of the page...I currently have no skills in the blog design department myself.

  3. Is that name from the local dialect?

    Wishing the best of luck with the transition phase.


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