Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Well, I got my bloody internet at home.

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I think I hate Virgin already, though.  They had to drill a new hole to bring in the cable and I almost threw up when I saw it...and this isn't even my property. We didn't think they were going to need to drill because there were already some cable holes around, but it turned out they did and our estate agent gave permission himself.  Then, without warning, they also drilled a hole through the doorframe from the front to the back room.  It looks awful and I didn't think that was part of the deal. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, I don't know.  They must do this to a lot of houses.  If I'd known maybe we'd have gone with some other company, maybe whoever laid the previous cables. :(  On top of that they insisted on hooking it all up themselves and the Kabelsalat behind my computer is such a disaster.

Time to escape the scene for a local market.  Maybe when I come back we'll have internet but the rest will just be a bad dream.


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