Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Very Short Excursion to Shropshire

D's birthday was earlier this month.  We usually try to do something interesting for it like a little trip, and managed to squeeze one in despite all the moving chaos!  After much deliberation, we decided to rent a car which we could use both for the trip - much faster to get somewhere remote by car than public tranist - and for a shopping run to pick up large things like an ironing board, a couple of storage contraptions, and a TV.

D picked out a town by some method I actually know very little about.  I'm pretty sure it involved pub reviews!  We picked up the car and headed out into Shropshire.  Our final destination was Clun (rhymes with fun), a tiny town very close to the Welsh border with an old bridge, a bit of a castle ruin, and supposedly a great pub where we booked a room.

On our way there we took advantage of having a car and stopped all kinds of places.  Our first stop was Church Stretton, where we had lunch at a schamncy cafe that was good, but a little more expensive than we might have hoped. We recently got Lonely Planet England and are testing it out - they really vary a lot by country.  The cafe was one of their picks.  We didn't linger long in Church Stretton but moved on to Bury Ditches near Clunton, the site of an Iron Age fort.  Only the rings of the fort remain now, but the walk had beautiful views over the hills and everything was snowy!  Afterward we warmed up in Bishop's Castle at another Lonely Planet pick.  At this point we were starting to feel skeptical about Lonely Planet because the cafe didn't have a great selection of treats and the person working wasn't at all happy to be there.  The attached bookstore really was nice, though, so I guess Lonely Planet still has one more strike to go before we just pitch it. ;)

After Bishop's Castle, we continued to Clun and explored the town.  That took all of  45 minutes, then it was on to the pub, White Horse Inn.   It really was a great pub with good food and a nice unpretentious atmosphere. They had ice cream from some local company based in Churchstoke which was amazing - I hope I can find it in Birmingham somewhere. I wish we had more time at the pub - my drinking abilities were limited due to lingering car sickness* but I would have been fine by the next day.  We'll be back, Clun!

Church Stretton, Bishop's Castle, Bury Ditches, & Clun Apr 13

* I don't know if this is from being so rarely in cars or from age, but I am not thrilled with the development.


  1. Liked your post.

    The picture seems to be a beginner's eye chart saying: "if you got this eye chart figured out, follow the arrow to the super-duper-awesome eye tester chart."

    1. You're right, it does look a lot like an eye chart!


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