Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just a few more days...

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...until we have internet at home!

Can't wait...I feel I've really lost some momentum on the blog.  At first I was constantly thinking of things I could write about and taking pictures of stuff that seemed interesting or different to put up, but definitely lost steam when I couldn't follow through on it.  By now I'm starting to get used to some of the kinds of things I was taking pictures of earlier.  I'm hoping to get it all back once I can get online normally again.

Since I last checked in the days have been blurring together.  We signed up to pay council tax and someone came by with special garbage bags for us to throw regular and "green" (plant cuttings etc) trash away in.  We got library cards.  The movers came and dropped off all our stuff, we unpacked most of it.  There's still a lot of stuff we aren't sure what to do with.  Moving to a new set up changes your workflow a lot and going from 1.5 rooms to 4 really does.  Also, everything is still new and this place is very cute and I'm loathe to mess it up by, say, having filing binders and craft bins visible somewhere the way they had to be in our German apartment.  We're still working our way through figuring all that out, but otherwise things are all in place.  We have a whole extra cupboard in the kitchen that's not full!!  We checked out more local stores. We got library cards.  Ordered change of address cards.

Hopefully, more details on all that later. I am also hoping to change the blog layout and maybe the name to reflect my new situation - but the address will remain the same.

Happy Easter!


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