Sunday, February 03, 2013

Something New in Heidelberg: Altes Hallenbad

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Yesterday, on our way to lunch at Red, we noticed that the Altes Hallenbad development, which has been ongoing for years, is finally complete and open!  The building used to be baths, but has now been converted and the public areas include restaurants, a wine bar, a cocktail bar, some shops, and a food court.  There's also a new Alnatura in it which has already been open for a while.

Some of the details from the baths have been preserved and are visible in the halls and in the food court.  Here's the edge of an old pool, where the food court is situated:

Lots of neat old fonts around, too:

Above the food court is a cocktail bar with seating all around the edges and on a sort of floating island in the center:

Peacock-like tiles.  They look new but maybe they're inspired by whatever decoration used to be there when it was a bath:

Cool idea for signs!:

Here it is from the outside.  This is the Poststrasse side, across from Lidl.  The other entrance is on the Bergheimer Strasse.

We didn't eat there since we already had lunch plans, but there were about 6 places open in the food court and spaces for more were set up.  From what I remember there was a hot dog stand, a German place, a Chinese place, a Persian place, an Arabic place, an Indian place, and an African place - just of the ones I remember.  One of them is a branch of Falafel - one of Heidelberg's best restaurants - which is good news for anyone who lives in the west part of town and doesn't want to go all the way to the Altstadt to go there!

And on the way out, I took this picture through the window of the former Woolworth about a month ago.  Now the elevators are completely gone, too:

Learn more (auf Deutsch) about the project here: Liselotte Bloggt!


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