Monday, January 14, 2013

Travelogue: Day Trips from Lisbon

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We left Estremoz and headed for Sintra, a town northwest of Lisbon.  Sintra is home to several palaces which are popular with tourists, and while driving in we navigated small streets full of buses and lost people with guidebooks. Parking was no mean feat either, so I recommend alternate forms of transit if you can swing it.  Our goal was the Quinta da Regaleira, a lush estate with a palace, chapel, and all kinds of paths and tunnels and interesting fountains and other useless but attractive structures.  It struck me as a sort of romantic playground for grown-ups.  I'd seen photos online and really wanted to see it in person, and this was a great opportunity.  Although we visited it on the way from Estremoz to Lisbon, it's an easy day trip from Lisbon. We only saw about half of it, as D and his mom had forgotten their umbrellas (it rained) and D's dad had decided not to go in and was therefore just sitting in the car waiting for us. Check out the photos to get a feel for the place!  Sintra has many other attractions, but this was the only one we got to see on this trip. 
Sintra Nov 2012

Afterward we needed to find some lunch and hoped to maybe see the ocean and park easily.  We put some random oceanside town from our map into the GPS and headed out that way.  Luckily, on a road above the sea we found exactly what we needed: Restaurante Nortada, which according to its address is in Colares.  The place wasn't cheap but it had a great view and our food was excellent.  D and I shared a garlicky roasted octopus dish which was incredible. (Shoot, now I'm hungry again...)  Afterward we had a nice walk near the beach where we saw tons of snails!  Not bad at all! :)
Colares Nov 2012

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  1. I am interested in this roasted octopus you speak of. I have not had much octopus in my life, and I can't say I think any of it was roasted.


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