Friday, December 07, 2012

Unfortunate Marketing Sightings

Rewe seems to have recently undergone some changes in the cereal department. I try to avoid buying cereal too often (because I will eat a box of it in a day, no problem, and it is, unfortuately, generally free of any nutritional value...) but when I went in for tea the other day I couldn't help but notice the new name they've come up with for our old friend Nougat Bits/Pillows/Pockets:

That....just doesn't sound good.  Better to not use English if you're not entirely sure how.  I bought and tried them for, uh, research purposes, and they're not as good, either.  Several cereals that were formerly there in Ja brand (the Rewe house brand) are now all there in Hahne brand only.  No idea what that's about.

Moving on, we found this one online earlier this week:

This is the end panel of an ad for a toilet that sprays your butt. The heartbutt is kind of weird, although I can't really put my finger on why.

Any other fun ads or product names you've spotted recently?


  1. Rewe recently went through a renovation of their product portfolio, uprating most of their house products visually (switching the "Rewe" line to "Rewe Beste Wahl", not "Ja!") and switching others to regular brand products. Rewe Group's Penny branch got a similar uprating at the same time (ongoing), remodelling some stores.

    I'd suspect Hahne is the company that was producing noname cereal for Ja! anyway. They're one of the largest cereal producers in Europe and do "private label" production like that.

  2. Crusty Cream sounds like a euphemism for pus (or something worse). Probably not what the marketing department was going for...


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