Monday, December 10, 2012

Schlossweihnacht Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle Christmas)

Heidelberg is experiencing today that most repulsive of weathers: winter rain.  Yuck.  Let's think back to better times - like just yesterday afternoon!

We woke up to a gentle snowfall which continued into the early afternoon, at which time we decided we should take advantage of this perfect Christmas market weather while it was still underway!  We'd been planning to go up to the castle Christmas market - a new thing as of last year - later in the day, but headed out around 1:30 instead to enjoy it in the snow.

The market up at the castle was really pretty - more so than in town, with large decorated trees and narrow paths. It's in the garden so you don't have to pay admission to get in.  It's open today and tomorrow, but will be closed Wednesday, then open again until it closes for good on December 18.

At the market:
Salmon grilling on planks
At the garden entrance
They have different mugs up there, too!

At the castle:
My husband really wanted this one of the moat in black and white :)
Entrance over the moat

Powder tower
Holly trees!
 Views over Heidelberg:
The Altstadt and, beyond, the Heiligenberg and Rheinebene

With the castle!
Down the Hauptstrasse!

In the Altstadt:
Christmas market in the Marktplatz
On the Steingasse

Castle from below.
Old Bridge
From the other side of the Neckar


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Heidelberg is a really beautiful city. And even more beautiful under a blanket of snow!

    That Glühwein mug was pretty cool! I would have kept that one!

  2. I loved the mug too- if I were there I woudl have gotten a set of 4 (but with cocoa, not glühwein:-).

  3. I love the Christmas markets in general, but wow, gluhwein at the castle looks magical! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  4. I love your photos!! I love Heidelberg :) I currently live in Mannheim (and I've lived in Chicago as well!) but my boyfriend lives in Heidelberg so I go there quite often :)

  5. Mannheim seems like a great place to live - if we stayed on in the area we planned to move there to enjoy the lower cost of living, greater selection of restaurants and places to shop, great connectivity by train, etc! :)


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