Sunday, December 23, 2012

RIP Heidelberg Woolworth

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On our way to the Hauptbahnhof last week to head to Birmingham, we noticed signs in the windows of Woolworth saying it would close in a mere two days!  And close it did - when we came back the place had already been closed and cleared out.  Graffiti has even already appeared on an inside wall.

Woolworth wasn't the classiest joint in Heidelberg but it was the only conveniently-located place offering really cheap necessities like vegetable peelers and ironing boards.  We got our ironing board, Wasserkocher, Christmas tree, butter dish, and several other household things there.  The stuff at Kaufhof and Bauhaus may be nicer, but sometimes you don't need something all that nice, and don't want to pay the extra for it.  RIP, Heidelberg Woolworth.  I hope something good moves into your giant hideous vacant building.


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