Friday, December 21, 2012

New Impractically Tiny Sink!

A few years ago, the landlord replaced our counter when he installed a new oven and stove, because the old oven left a hole in the counter too big for the new one.

He's a nice guy but a little cheap.  The dopey worker who reinstalled our 70s sink into the new counter cut too big a hole for the faucet.  Over time, water got in the hole (water in the area of a sink!? whoda thunk?!) and it started to deterioriate the inside of the particleboard counter. 
So, yesterday we got a new sink and counter starting at 7:30am.  Although it's a double sink which I've been wishing for for ages, both sinks are still hilariously shallow.  I noticed this in British apartments we saw, too.  I can only conclude that Europeans never use soup pots, cookie trays, serving platters, or cutting boards.  Anyway, it will be nice to enjoy the new stuff for a couple of months.  Turns out the landlord planned to charge us for all this, even though it's not our fault the faucet hole was cut poorly and caused all this.  But, since we told him we're leaving and we thus endured the early-morning noise and sawdust storm to very little benefit to ourselves, he's letting us off the hook.  Yee ha.  Somehow, though, we are still considered responsible for replacing the wallpaper in the bedroom which got moldy due to a still-unidentified moisture source in the lower square foot of that corner.  Not so many benefits to renting vs. owning around here, in my opinion.

In other news, a grocery desert is starting soon here - things will not be open Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and will only be open half a day on Monday (which promises to be an awful day to be at any grocery store).  Alas, we cannot shop Saturday, as we are meeting up with relatives in Cologne that day.  Maybe there will be good Kartoffelpuffer there - the ones in Heidelberg are variable but mostly not great.  Any recommendations??


  1. Kartoffelpuffer? I am obviously going to have to go home and consult the German cookbook, as I have never heard of kartoffelpuffer.

  2. Enjoy the new, ridiculous sink while you've got it! We have one just like it, only with ONE basin. It leads to washing some of the bigger dishes in the shower.

    Viel Glück mit den Kartoffelpuffer!

  3. I was looking at an apartment, and the gentleman who was moving out of the apartment was there to show me around. He was pointing out things, then pointed to the sink and said that it was sh**. I was trying so hard not to laugh that I couldn't ask him what he meant, but I'm thinking it was that it is small. What the heck is with the small sinks? The place I'm going to rent has a small sink but a HUGE bathtub...I instantly saw possibilities there but also don't want to clog it either. Really, though, how in the heck do Germans wash pots and pans?

  4. Some of the sinks are even more ridiculously small than ours for sure. I had a friend in a studio apartment whose sink was half the size of mine - you couldn't even wash a 2-quart pot in it. I guess they just get water everywhere washing stuff? (As that seems to be how I've worked it out...)
    I don't think the UK is going to be an improvement in this department.

  5. This is a classic example of poor execution that has caused you an inconvenience. Installing a sink requires more technique than we know. Houses have been torn apart due to leaks caused by improperly installed sink. I'm glad that the landlord was doing something though. I've heard many stories wherein renters are forced to deal with the problem themselves because their landlords simply don't care.

    Darryl Iorio


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