Wednesday, December 19, 2012



This blog will soon need a new name.  A big change for us that's been slowly coming together over the past few weeks finally became official over the weekend - we are leaving Heidelberg this spring.

If you haven't already heard where, and want to try out your detective skillz, I will wait a day to say where - first correct guesser (of the city name) gets their choice of a goodie from Heidelberg or one from the new place (after we move).  (Sorry to those who have me on Facebook for already spoiling you!)  You already have two clues - the photo above, which was taken there, and the fact that it's a big enough city that you've probably heard of it.


  1. You too, huh? I wish you luck with all your moving and new city settling!

  2. Birmingham? Are you and Juls going to start a WEBMU in Great Britain?

  3. Well, I got the country right. As far as I know, the Brits love crests so I guessed somewhere in England.

  4. Wow, you guys! I knew that a move was on the table for you, but didn't know it would happen so soon. Congratulations!

  5. I hope this means on to bigger and better things for you both. Let me know if you need moving tips/tricks.

  6. Congratulations -- how exciting!

    Birmingham <—> München is pretty doable.

    Instead of Weinfeste, are you going to have Balti Festivals? Make the Chippy Circuit?

    I'm pressing my thumbs for a smooth transition for you!

  7. Excellent work detective Harvey! :) Email me via the link on my About page or PM me on Twitter about which city's goodie you want and your mailing info!

    Sarah, we didn't really think it would be so soon either...I was kind of counting on a fall move but spring it is.

    Gems, tricks for sanity maintenance? :P

    Cliff, we are hoping to have better guest accomodations in our next place so you guys definitely need to do that doable trip!!


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