Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! + Final Heidelberg Fall Watch!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! We had some good canned-pumpkin-acquiring opportunities this year! As a result we ended up with canned pumpkin from the US and the UK and can check out the packaging differences! It's the exact same product by the same company in both countries.

Front!  British can on the left.  Nice blue contrast and simpler design.  American can sticks with fall colors only and is a little more complicated with ribbons, borders, drop shadows and so on.  "Solid Pack" must have some meaning in the UK that is assumed in the US.  The US pumpkin is "pure" and "natural" (in the blue-ribbon detail on the left) but the British pumpkin is just "natural".  The US can evokes patriotism ("America's Favorite!!") and helpfully includes Spanish on the label.  The pie picture is different too!  The whipped cream looks more structured in the US (mimicking Cool Whip?). The UK crust is thinner and more artfully folded on the edges, while the US crust has more rustic edging.

Side!  The US can includes a special box on the front corner to advertise that it's low in calories & fat and has some vitamins and fiber in it!  The UK can has no equivalent.  You can also see the differences in nutrition labeling between the two countries.  The US nutrition label is bilingual and includes cholesterol, trans fat, and vitamin information, which are not on the British label.  Like German nutrition labels, the main UK label gives information per 100 grams, but it does include single-serving calorie information underneath.  You can't really see it in this photo, but the UK serving size is half the US serving size.

Back! US can: repetition of the Libby's logo, photo of another recipe you can get online with link, reminder not to freeze pumpkin pie and notes that you can sub in something called "pumpkin pie spice" for all the spices in the recipe, contact information at a toll-free number.  UK can: none of the above, but you can write them by mail (at a US address) if you want to get in touch.  Also, the UK pie crust (aka. "shortcrust pastry") has to be partially baked before adding the filling and the US one does not, so I guess it's not exactly the same thing.

Before I head off to turn those cans into cookies and pie, the last of the Heidelberg Fall Watch:

There are a few leaves clinging on, but it's pretty brown.  The Christmas market opened last night.  Bring it on, winter!

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  1. I wonder why they think you shouldn't freeze pumpkin pie. If you wrap it well and wait until it's completely cool to freeze it, it freezes quite well, actually.

    Or maybe that only works with pumpkin you butcher yourself and not with the stuff in a can.


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