Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun Stuff Spotted Today + Fall Watch #12!

For just 8 Euro, you can get a cloth bag full full of 500g of garlic, with a doll head on it.  I have not seen this before.

I'm trying to imagine eating properly-prepared (butter & maple syrup!) pancakes on the go.  Messy!

In fall watch news, not much doing. It hasn't been too windy lately. The red vines on the castle are totally gone.  Every day brings some new cloud configuration.  But Gluehwein is coming - this year's Heidelberg Weinachtsmarkt opens on November 24 21!


  1. Ugh, pass on the pancakes. I've had the German idea of what an American pancake is like and they're gross English muffin type thingies.


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