Thursday, November 15, 2012

Der Countdown läuft! (and also: why the line at the Post is so slow)

Upon passing through the Bismarckplatz today, I saw a couple of noteworthy things!

1. Christmas market stalls are being set up!  It's less than a week until it opens.  I picked up a brochure the other day at a shop.  There will also be a market up at the castle, including in the courtyard (for that part you have to pay a fee to enter), for a few days.  The ice skating rink will be open until January 6 but the rest closes before Christmas.  I can't wait to load up on mint Schaumküsse, Feuerwurst, Zimtsterne...

2. The Spaghetti-Säule has a new base!  The Spaghetti itself hasn't been put back up yet, but the base is new.  It looks like it might be a different kind of rock, though.  I think it's sandstone now but wasn't before.

Included in my errands today was a stop to pick up a package at the Post.  The line was moving surprisingly slowly and was starting to go out the door.  (Germans DO line up sometimes!)  When I got to the front I realized why....but I should have already known based on past experience!  Every time you go to the Post they don't just do the business you need to do, but try to sell you something afterward!  My package pickup was fast and easy and I thought it would be a relief to the poor saps behind me in line that it was so.  But that wasn't all...the guy wanted to sell me some service.  They are great at making a segue into whatever they are selling - post services, banking services, etc.  He just kept talking.  So that's why the line was so slow.  Mannn...come on, Deutsche Post.  It doesn't have to be like this.

I've been a little delinquent in my Fall Watch duties lately. I do have a couple of pictures.  The conditions haven't been great when I've taken them - lots of mist and stuff around here lately!  I will post them soon.


  1. The Spaghettisäule column was sandstone before, it was just covered in 20 years worth of filth (and hence sort of ... green instead of red). They will disable the fountain function to prevent that in the future.


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