Thursday, October 25, 2012


Lest people think all I eat is ice cream, pancakes, and hot dogs, let's talk yogurt today.  I eat plain 1.5% fat yogurt with breakfast pretty much every day.  It took a lot of experimenting with different brands to find one that I really liked.  For a while I ate Landliebe because I knew I liked it, but while paying better attention one day I noticed it costs quite a bit more than a lot of the other yogurts, so I started trying a bunch of others.  Several - the Rewe, Alnatura, and Lidl house brands - all seemed too sour to me.  The Edeka house brand is pretty mild, though, and super-cheap. I like that one. However, I landed on a huge favorite one day - the Bighurt from Schwarzwaldmilch.

I honestly don't entirely know what Bighurt is. I tried looking it up and it sounds like it has live cultures in it, which I thought all yogurt had, but apparently that's not necessarily true. So, live culture bonus.  It's mild, so that's nice.  Seventy-five cents for 500g isn't the cheapest out there, but it's a good price.  Most awesomely, it has a semi-solid texture that is really somehow more satisfying in a breakfast context than the usual more runny yogurts.  For savory recipes, though, I buy runnier, more sour yogurt.  This doesn't really work for stuff like that.  I love it for breakfast though, and get all nervous when they run out or run low at the store, worried that they're about to stop carrying it or something!

I know dairy products are regional, but for those of you living in Germany - or heck, even in the US - what's your favorite plain yogurt?  How do you use it?  What does it cost for 500 grams?

PS: No, this is not an ad; I do not do ads on my blog.  I am really just lame enough to want to blog about my favorite yogurt.


  1. I love plain Greek yogurt. I mix it with fresh fruit. NOM.

  2. Hands down I still think all European Yogurt is better then most yogurts here in the States. In Utah we have the standard Yoplait and store brands. When I want to be healthy or make a smoothy I stick with Fage (Greek). It's about $6 for 1000g. My family also really likes Tillamook. I'm a fan of the Pomegranate Blackberry. When it's on sale I can get it for $.48 each (which is a steal). It's normally $.79 for 170g.

  3. I'm a fan of the Greek yogurts here - there's one called Jogurti that comes in a 500 g container for (I think) about 1,99€. Pricey, yeah, but the texture is unbeatable and the flavor is good enough that I can substitute it for my beloved Schmand. Glad you posted this - I have an open one that I need to use up.

    I love plain yogurt, but I can't eat it just straight anymore. I end up with raging heartburn. I think we're going to try making yogurt this winter - that should be pretty cost effective.

  4. I make my own, with the yogurt maker I inherited from my mother (which is older than I am).

    Failing that, the local grocery chain's plain yogurt is sort of halfway between regular yogurt and greek yogurt. And cheaper than most brands of either.

  5. My favorite Weideglück (sold in 1kg buckets). I haven't tried the low fat version, but it can't be so much worse than the standard 3,5% kind. Price is usually below 2€ for 1kg.

  6. We are huge fans of plain Greek yogurt, but rarely eat it plain. We add honey.
    We've tried a variety of fruit yogurts and like many. Right now we're eating Activa and Kleine Bauer

  7. I prefer Quark. Nice 40% fat Quark... with jam.

  8. Everyone’s talking about yogurt lately! What I like about yogurt is you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever you feel like eating one. Grab yourself one and enjoy its health benefits!

    -Joseph Carr


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