Monday, September 10, 2012

The Allgäu, Part II!

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On Sunday morning,we got out the laptop at breakfast in order to look a few things up and have a day plan that doesn't involve entirely missing opening hours like we had the previous day.  Some Americans at another table remarked to each other that we just didn't know how to go on vacation and get away from work. Cute.  We came up with a basic plan to go up on a high mountain first, then have a look at Neuschwanstein and Füssen.

After breakfast, we spent a few minutes having a better look at Knottenried, then had to settle a debate about which mountain to go up by flipping a coin.  The Tegelberg, near Füssen, won over Oberstdorf's Nebelhorn, so we started the day there.
Knottenried Aug 12

These little cable cars that go up Alps are frustratingly expensive, but the one in Tegelberg was at least a bit cheaper than some of the others - probably because it's a bit shorter.  On the ride up, there's a very nice view of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau if you're not too afraid to look out the windows!  The cable cars seem to cause a bit of nerves in a lot of people as there were several little screams when we went over the pylon (and absolutely nothing happened...).  Once at the top, you can take a short hike over to the summit of the nearby Branderschrofen.  The views from the trail are incredible - to the north, green plains dotted with red roofs and blue, blue lakes, to the south, nothing but mountains, including the Zugspitze, Germany's highest!  After baking in the burning sun for a couple of hours up there, we stopped for a relatively cheap lunch at one of two cafes near the top of the cable cars, then headed back down.
Tegelberg Aug 12

Next, Neuschwanstein.  I'll tell you guys about that later.

After Neuschwanstein, we went to Füssen in search of a calmer atmosphere and some dinner.  Thankfully, we found both!  The town was having a festival with live music and several streets in the pedestrian zone turned into beer gardens!  We had some drinks and food, looked around town, then finished up with, of course, Eis. 
Fuessen Aug 12

We'd actually intended to head back to Heidelberg on Sunday night, but ended up booking an extra night at the hotel since we already had the car until late Monday and wanted to enjoy a more relaxed Sunday.  It ended up working out particularly well since that Monday it was about 40'C in Heidelberg and we got to spend half of it in the air-conditioned car!  I can't tell you how deliriously happy I am that fall is starting to make an appearance (although it was over 30'C today...summer doesn't want to give up yet). 

Coming soon: Neuschwanstein, and a report on our weekend at the expat meet-up in Berlin!


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