Friday, June 22, 2012

A Walk Around Bad Dürkheim

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On Frohleichnam (Corpus Christi - it's a free holiday here) we finally went to nearby Bad Dürkheim for the first time.  It's on the Weinstrasse in between several other places we've been to multiple times - Freinsheim, Deidesheim, Neustadt - but we'd never gotten around to going!  A friend of ours had a hiking map of the area and we all went together to see what's there.
Bad Duerkheim Jun 12
Bad Dürkheim is small and pleasant - a bit more modern-looking than other Weinstrasse towns because it actually suffered damage in World War II.  (No idea why a town of that size would be a target.)  Sitting over the town are the pretty ruins of an old monastery, Kloster Limburg.  I think a friend of ours has actually attended a wedding held there.  There's a restaurant up there and there seem to be a lot of local activities held there too; when we visited there was a dress rehearsal for a play going on. 

After Kloster Limburg we continued into the hills to see Burgruine Hardenburg, a large castle ruin in one of Bad Dürkheim's little incorporated villages.  We enjoyed lunch and wine at a Biergarten there, then returned to Bad Dürkheim for some ice cream to erase any actual exercise we might have accidentally gotten with all the walking. ;)  It was a great day trip, and I learned about a tram that I'd somehow never noticed before - Tram X! Sounds like bad sci-fi, but it's an express between Heidelberg (Bismarckplatz), Mannheim, and Bad Dürkheim.  I don't think it gets you there much faster than the usual S-Bahn itinerary, but it's simpler.

I think my next Weinstrasse destination will be see where all that Sekt we win at pub quiz comes from. :D

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  1. I hate when I think I've "seen" a place and then read a post like this only to realize how much I missed.


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