Monday, June 04, 2012

Ode to My Favorite Shoes

....Well, I'm no poet, actually.

I bought my favorite shoes 7 years ago.  So if they look a little "7 years ago"...that's why.  I don't think they do, but I'm no expert.  They are no longer made in this color scheme and are thus not replaceable.  After a couple of days of rough walking as they broke in, they've been heavenly to wear.  They are great for all the walking I do while still being wearable with nicer clothes.  The heel bottoms are replaceable and since they are very springy rubber, they wear out more quickly than the rest of the shoe.  I've had them replaced two or three times.

Sadly, the seven years and many miles have caught up with more than just the heel bottoms.  Recently the side on one of them started to separate from the sole.  On Saturday, my husband helped me take them to a cobbler in Neuenheim.  The guy speaks in dialect and is really hard to understand - even together I think we might have missed a bit.  I got a little verklempt having to leave them behind there.  Not that I don't trust him, but OMG MY FAVORITE SHOES EVER.  I did snag a black pair on ebay for only 40 Euro last fall, which is softening the blow a little bit, I feel like I have a very close family member in surgery right now.  I hope they make it through.  Good luck, Pfaelzisch cobbler.

How long has your favorite pair of shoes lasted?  Could you replace it? 


  1. I have never, ever been able to replace a pair of favorite shoes. I always have to start with something new. Very discouraging...


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