Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Favorite Church

Moin moin! It's already Wednesday, and no one guessed the church at the top of my favorites list.

1. Matthias Church, Budapest, Hungary
Every surface inside the church is painted with colorful repeating patterns like those in this picture and the one I posted earlier. The patterns lean more folksy than churchy. That's not all - the roof outside is tiled in the same manner...with more intricate detail than other patterned church roofs I've seen (another thing I'm a sucker for).  It helps that I had never heard anything about this church before seeing it, and had no expectations of being blown away by it, which made being blown away by it all that much more memorable.  So....sorry everyone for the spoiler.  See more pictures here!

I've just returned from Venice, where three of the churches I saw - Santa Maria Assunta, San Marco, and Frari - are definitely worthy of top-10 contention. I think it will take some time for them to settle into my mind and to decide where they go on the list, if at all. :)  More on Venice soon.  I have over 600 pictures to wade through!


  1. Loved the Fari church too. I'm sure I've been the the one in Budapest, however I didn't really like Budapest, so I don't really remember much, but it has been 10 years.

  2. On my only trip to Budapest a 5+ years ago I didn't visit this church. I have always wanted to go back. Thanks for sharing.


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