Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's over!

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Germany had a great run in this year's Euro Cup - actually, along with Spain, they were the favorites.  Unfortunately, it's over now; Germany just lost to Italy, 1-2.  Not a lot of honking going on in Heidelberg - just a few stray Italy fans.

I left the game a bit early.  In my experience watching them, the German team is not known for its ability to come from behind, so things were already looking very bad once Italy was up early in the game. I did wait until 75:00 to head home, though - hey, it's a long walk.  I should have used my camera - in every bar, cafe, and restaurant there was a TV on and a silent crowd gathered around it.  One TV was in a parked van and people were sitting on the sidewalk around it.  Other than the occasional almost-cheer or cry of anguish, it was oddly quiet.

I'm not a fan of the Italian team, but I'm glad it was them who just beat Germany, since I was just in Italy.  It sucks here, but having just been there I can see so clearly in my imagination a bunch of people clustered around a TV in Burano, behind their striped door curtain, cheering with joy, and it all seems alright.


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