Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From Strange Maps: Germany's Equators

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People living here love to mention Germany's "Weisswurst Equator" - the line between north and south, ostensibly south of which people eat Weisswurst (white's really good).  People who live in the north actually seem the most fond of talking about this, for reasons unknown.  The Strange Maps blog has found a map of several southern "equators" in Germany which divide regions for their quirks.  Interestingly, there's not actually agreement on where the "Weisswurst Equator" lies - along the Donau (Danube) or the Main!  I'd actually only previously heard the Main version of it.

Check out the map and various "equators" here!

ETA: The same source (Die Zeit) also recently posted a map showing food prices in Germany, which explains why I came here complaining about the price of chicken and got a bunch of people from other areas looking at me like I'm an idiot for paying so much.  BW is apparently a pretty expensive place to eat.  Having been to grocery stores in other BW towns I think HD may even be on the high end of that.


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