Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A small sampling of things we ate in the US

Thai food at the same place I used to eat in college! I had the Lad Nar with crispy fried wide noodles...haven't found that on a German Thai menu yet.  (But the photo shows my husband's drunken noodles.)

Cake Lady Cake.  So wonderfully simple.

Cinnamon rolls the size of entire cakes at the Iowa Machine Shed.  (Okay, I only ate about a third of one.)

Taco pizza and crab rangoon pizza at Fong's in Des Moines!

Jalapeño-juice-soaked carrots.  I didn't have the guts to try a straight-up jalapeño.

Heavenly tamales. This, together with the carrot appetizer and a small bowl of chicken soup, was only $6!!

Dim sum!  This is only about a quarter of what our table ordered.

Chicago-style pizza!

I had forgotten the entire existence of this stuff until I saw it at Del Seoul...

...which specializes in Korean tacos.  For real.  Marry me, Chicago.
Dairy Queen Blizzard with peanut butter cups!
Eaten but not photographed: barbecue, amazing donuts, Americanized-Chinese buffet, whoopie-pie-esque cake, chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, bagels loaded with cream cheese... time for some post-vacation detox.


  1. Wow!!! Just Wow! I really miss the Dim Sum. Although that is quite a nice one in Duesseldorf.

  2. JELLIS!

    Why has no one in Detroit thought of marrying crab rangoon and pizza?

  3. Tehnyit: sounds like I need to take a trip to Duesseldorf!! Actually we did find a lady who makes dim sum in Mannheim and one can order from her. Not as much variety as going to a restaurant, though!

    Sara & Cliff: I think we need to figure out how to make the crab rangoon shouldn't be too hard. Just need to find fake crab, since I've never looked for it here before.

  4. This is post is making me so hungry. I also miss Dim Sim (Yum cha). If anyone knows of anywhere in Hamburg that does this please let me know. I'm desperate.

  5. This is about the 5th time that crab rangoon has been mentioned this week and it is really unfair. I'm extremely jealous of all that food! Also I don't think I commented on it, but I'm pretty jealous of that Lemonfish bag you got as well... fantastic.

    Also I nominated you in the Liebster/MeMe thing (I'm lazy and doubling up) over at

  6. So at first I was reading this and I was like where di you find all this delicious food in Germany. Then I saw Des Moines. Of course it's American. Sigh.


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