Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swearing in English = Super Cool

Apparently.  We've definitely been hearing a lot of it on German TV lately, but this ad spotted by Ian takes the cake, mostly for its seemingly unlikely usage and audience:

A commenter on Ian's blog also pointed out this Japanese usage of the same word.

I admit to not finding it offensive, except in the sense that I'd rather leave language abuse to the native speakers. ;)  Mostly, I just find it hilarious - I laughed out loud at both.  They remind me of a kindergartner trying to swear, or a kitten trying to look mean.  It just doesn't work.


  1. Hahaha... I'd heard about this but not got round to watching it. You're totally right, it's entirely wrong. On a lot of levels...!!!

  2. Bad ads aside, why anyone would want to eat this over-packaged, over-priced glop is beyond me.
    You got your margarine, right? You pump it full of air and water and charge extra? What a business plan. In the process you render it useless for cooking or baking.
    Same for meats, cheese. Du darf's wegwerfen!

  3. We just saw a shirt in a shop window today that boldly proclaimed "FUCK YOU" on the front. Not sure whether the manufacturer was German or not, though.


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