Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Oddities

Care for a salt shaker with your loratadine? Normally pharmacies give you some tissues or cough drops as a freebie when you buy something, but yesterday we ended up with an Easter-themed salt shaker!

An egg-shaped rooster. In suspenders. It looks very German somehow.  I think this is the first non-consumable pharmacy present we've gotten.  I seem to remember reading on someone's blog once that they got a plant.  What's the most interesting pharmacy freebie you've gotten?

In other weird-Easter-finds news, I saw this at the little Rewe inside the Bismarckplatz Kaufhof earlier this week:

An actual eggshell filled with nougat (a chocolate-hazelnut cream). This is the first time I've seen these!

My mom's gotten in on the fun, too, sending me a picture of this "imported from Germany" item she found in Iowa:

Edible Easter grass? Has anyone seen this in Germany? I haven't, but I've never really sought it out, either!


  1. I've seen the Edible Easter Grass at Tegut in Darmstadt.

    And I was fascinated by the nougat-in-a-real-eggshell eggs when I was a kid. Absolutely fascinated. A few years ago I bought one, and immediately "found" the sticker covering up the hole in the bottom.... somehow I never noticed that as a kid.... and.... that took away all the magic for me :-(

  2. Those nougat eggs impressed me too - Martina, thanks for telling me the secret of how it's done! :)

    I haven't seen the edible Easter grass, but it sure seems like it's marketed more towards Americans than the Germans -- but who knows, I could be wrong! Kids are kids pretty much anywhere, right?

  3. Hi there! What a nice Easter blog post :) I'm an exchange student and I've lived in Heidelberg for about a month now - and the Easter has been all over the place the entire time. In my mind, there's an eternal Easter in Germany :D

    Edible Easter grass was totally new to me, but I'm proud to introduce Mignon egg to you - a Finnish invention already from the 19th century. :) (However, the Finnish chocolate producer brought the recipe from Germany...) They are very popular in Finland and were my favourite when growing up!

    Happy Easter!

  4. OMG, I saw that at Walmart and almost bought it because it was from Germany. But my butt doesn't need it, I don't have little kids so it stayed on the shelf. Funny you don't see it there though.

    I saw on TV on a blip on Easter dangers for pets that the traditional grass is bad for them to eat but that there was edible grass. Didn't say where it was from or what kind so I was surprised to see it.

    Nougat eggs are interesting. Makes you wonder what they use to clean the egg out to make it really clean. What do you do, crack it open and eat the innards? I'm guessing so ;).

  5. I live in Vienna, and over here there was actually a lot of both edible and non-edible "easter grass" around, apparently they use it as a decoration of sorts.

    Nougat eggs though, I've only ever seen at the airport in Copenhagen!

    (I just happened to come across your blog, and find it very amusing! :) )


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