Friday, March 30, 2012

You've been spared by rapping cats.

I was on my way here to complain about Vodafone screwing us over again and to warn everyone who uses them to watch their bank account carefully.

But on my way, I discovered this batshit* video, and I'm going to share that instead.

*That's your warning.


  1. I really hate the way many of the business here wants direct debit to even set up an account. You never know exactly how much is being debited, and it is a _real_ hassle when an accounting mistake occurs and a refund is required.

    Good luck with Vodafone.

  2. It sounds like you have experience with this...what happened?

    In our case they are thus far refusing to admit to double-charging us for months - over a year actually. Not only will they not refund it, now they have the nerve to say if we want to cancel one of the charges it will take three months. I'm not really sure how to proceed...

  3. Yikes.

    Landline or mobile service?

    We have it for our landline and DSL service and haven't had any problems so far, but I was thinking about switching to Kabel Deutschland for the internet/landline phone service.

    This might have just been another nail in our Vodafone contract's coffin.

  4. DSL, actually. We had problems with them when we had mobile service with them and ended up dropping that - they charged us for something we never ordered. That time we were able to get the money back. But we never switched DSL providers, stupidly. This time they are double-charging us for the same service, but only sent one bill in the mail so on that side everything looked OK. The charges were taken out far enough apart in the month that I never noticed them whenever I casually looked at the bank was only when we had to go a month without income (effectively) that I had to really keep a close eye on the account and I saw what was happening.

  5. Vodafone for private use blows! I stupidly signed a contract with them because the Journalists' Union has an offer and my DSL, six months on, still doesn't work properly, I can't seem to get through to a customer service rep who gives a shit, and I'm paying more than the contract was for. On the other hand, my work-provided vodafone mobile works awesomely. Should maybe switch to a business account to get my DSL to work. I'm sorry, though, for you guys. I feel your pain.

    But if you like that video, you'll love these clips from the BBC's show Walk on the Wild Side:

  6. That is possibly the strangest thing I have seen all month. And I work with the public, so that's saying something...


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