Monday, March 19, 2012



Germans spell "mmmm" - as in "this is delicious" - with an "h" on the end: "mmmh". We've noticed this many times over the years, but I finally remembered to get a photo to demonstrate. It always strikes me as if I should be sticking a weird breathy "hhhhh" sound on the end. What's the purpose of the "h"? In the Netherlands, we saw "hmmmm" a few times - making the deliciousness of the advertised item seem a bit more debatable to me than the advertisers must have intended!

And since that was a really short topic, a musical interlude (ProxTube or proxy/VPN required for viewing within Germany):


  1. Ugh, I gotta wait until April 6 for the release date...I don't even know if the store will be open that day since it'll be Good Friday.


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