Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Honor System

During today's Running o' the Errands, we happened to pass by one of the world's few remaining music shops, Crazy Diamond (off the Poststrasse).  I'd been wondering if I'd be able to pick up Orbital's upcoming album somewhere local on the day of release, so we dropped in to ask if they planned to have it.  They said sure, and told us we could have a copy reserved for us if we prepaid 5 Euro.  We figured why not - not that I expect all of Heidelberg to be clamoring for it at Crazy Diamond on release day, but whatever - and handed over 5 Euro.  They wrote down our name, what we wanted, and that we'd paid, and we were off.  It wasn't until after we'd gone that I realized we had no receipt or any proof at all that we paid part of the price already.  I guess it's just based on trust!  I'll get a nice small-town feeling if this all works out in the end. :)

On the topic of buying this album there: I typically make all my music purchases online in mp3 format these days.  Part of the reason is that since we live under constant threat of a big move, it's not very sensible to build up massive piles of physical CDs around the apartment. (I do get them as gifts occasionally - gerne! - and have a full box of CDs from that alone.)  The other reason is that it's simply a lot cheaper - which we were painfully reminded of when placing the order at Crazy Diamond.  The regular version of the CD came in at over 17 Euro, with some kind of deluxe version with extra live songs around 25 Euro.  The pre-order price of the mp3 album (including the extra live tracks) on iTunes is 9 GBP, or about 11 Euro.  (If you can buy it through there in Germany...I haven't tried.)  Orbital is sort of a nostalgia band for me, and I always bought their music on a physical CD in the old I felt compelled to do it again this time - it seemed right.  And I like to help keep my local music shop in business, plus I wanted the sale to rack up in Germany in case sales here could somehow lure Orbital into some German live dates.  But man...expensive.  I hate to think how much less music I'd have enjoyed over the last few years if I'd paid prices like that for all of it.

I can't wait to enjoy the CD while on an upcoming small trip we planned today!!  We got a car rental and a hotel to visit somewhere rather close where we've never been....I'll tell you all about it, after it's over! :)


  1. We got a car rental and a hotel to visit somewhere rather close where we've never been....I'll tell you all about it, after it's over! :)

    Ooh, the dramatic tension! Ich bin mal gespannt.

    Mrs.1976 and I need to do that more often. We keep saying, "you know, most of the time, we don't need a car and it's not worth the hassle for the insurance and taxes and parking and keeping it fueled, and we can rent one whenever we one for cheaper than owning one." But then, we rarely do that.

    I suppose that with all the upcoming Catholic holidays, we should make reservations (car, hotel, etc.) if we're going to get outta town for a few days.

  2. I think it's our love of small towns and middles-of-nowhere that convinces us to regularly do the car thing. We learned on our trip to Lam a few years ago that that kind of thing is really hard and/or impossible to coordinate on transit unless you have a lot of time to work with.

  3. @cliff - make your reservations early!!! We were out of luck one random Catholic holiday that the Berliners complain about (Bavarian Feiertage!) but then happily rent out every car in Northern Germany. :)

    @CN - I love reading about your middle-of-nowhere adventures! You inspired us a couple of times to visit these places instead of the more obvious tourist attractions nearby.


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