Friday, March 23, 2012

East Frisian Tea in the US

After we came back from Ostfriesland in October and I posted a Kluntje photo and description on Picasa, my sister commented that they should clearly be adopted everywhere.  I thought about getting her some for Christmas, but our per-person Christmas budget is shrinking into oblivion as our families get bigger, so I waited until her birthday this week!

First I had to find a place to actually buy Kluntje in the US.  I tried Amazon, since they usually have everything - but no luck.  They do have the smaller variety of rock candy, but that would just not do.  Then, via Google I found the Ostfriesen Tea & Porzellan Shop (an example of language mixing on the other side of the divide!).  The shop was originally Iowa-based, which got my attention of course, but has recently moved to Wisconsin.  The sort of retro web design makes it all the more German-feeling!  In addition to having Kluntje, they also have tea and all the tea accessories you could ever need, including spoons, tongs, cups & saucers, teapots, and serving trays (including the awesome Blau Dresmer) I also got her some proper East Frisian tea and a cream spoon for accurate delivery of the cream cloud to the cup.  Everything's imported from Germany so it's more expensive than here, but of course it saved me the trouble and cost of shipping it all myself.

I talked about this a bit in my Ostfriesland post, but here's a review of how to drink the tea:
1. Use a small teacup.
2. Put a Kluntje in the cup.
3. Pour the tea over the Kluntje and enjoy the awesome crackling noise.
4. Use cream with a very high fat content - 30-40%.
5. Add the cream carefully and watch a cream cloud form.
6. Drink without stirring.
7. Repeat as necessary!  East Frisians drink 10 times more tea per year than the average German.


  1. I'm so glad you did this post! I am always on the lookout for Kluntjes, they are very hard to find in the US. Usually German has them, but for some reason the price for them has gone up and they no longer stock them, only the Weiser Kandis which is not at all the same to a Ostfrieslander!

    I enjoy your blog!


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