Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter in the Cave Apartment

Our windowsills in winter.
It's that time of year again - the time when the German Apartment-Airing-Out Religion becomes a very unpleasant chore indeed. It's been below freezing for days, but the airing out of the apartment must continue to be done for many minutes every day!  Brr!  Yet I still find myself wiping condensation off the windows multiple times a day.  Thankfully, there has not been any recurrence of the mold problems we had in previous years, even though I haven't been as vigilant about airing-out as I'm supposed to be.  I think the change is mostly due to our purchase of a dehumidifer and to keeping a door in the building hallway open to the stairwell, resulting in subtle but possibly significant changes in the air circulation here in our cave. 

Last night the air in Heidelberg was incredibly still.  The lack of wind combined with the thin sheets of ice forming on the river made the Neckar appear to not be moving at all.  Today the breeze has picked up again and it's back to normal (with a side of ice).  I don't think we'll be walking on the Neckar any time soon, and it's supposed to thaw on Monday - but you can party on the frozen Alster in Hamburg


  1. Your photo is beautiful. I miss Heidelberg. Wiesbaden is nice, but it's not HD.
    We constantly have condensation too and it's making me crazy and COLD.

  2. We have the same problem. It's terrible. I've never lived anywhere where this has happened. It's like someone throws a bucket of water at each window whilst we're asleep.

    We are now part of the airing club. Everywhere I see windows minus temps.

    Did the dehumidifier make a big difference?


  3. I definitely could feel the difference in the bedroom with the addition of the dehumidifier. I'm surprised no one here talks about using one - I think it makes more of a consistent difference than airing out the apartment. But, that could be in part because we only have windows on one side so the circulation is not great even with them open.


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