Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Tale of Two Faschings

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Fasching, Fastnacht, Fasnet, Karneval, Mardi Gras, or whatever you call it in your region has come and gone once again.  Every year we say we'll go somewhere new for it, and every year February sneaks up on us again and we forget to make plans.  This year, though, we did manage a small excursion over the weekend - to Bad Wimpfen, one of the first towns we visited after we moved to Germany.  The town is still as charming as ever, and we enjoyed their parade, which is longer than Heidelberg's! We saw some cool masks there and caught quite a bit of candy - not to mention some baking goods, oddly enough. (There's a mill in Bad Wimpfen.)  Photos are below, or check out the short videos I took of guys wearing enormous cowbells (same ones we saw in 2007?...unsure) and people in tree masks using noisemakers.  My camera's not built for getting great sound so the videos don't really do the racket justice.  You can also hear some shouting in them - in Bad Wimpfen, they use the greeting "Helau!" during Fasching, rather than Heidelberg's "Hajo!" or the "Narri! - Narro!" we heard in Endingen.

Bad Wimpfen Faschingsumzug Feb 12

On Tuesday, we went to Heidelberg's Fasching parade, which was comforting in its sameness. Every year we see the Perkeo guys with flags, the creepy goat float, the Ratz Fatz marching band, the witches from Ziegelhausen, and the big Sunshine Live roving party at the very end. The weather was beautiful and a good time was had by all...though I'm still finding confetti around the apartment after having a big handful of it rubbed into my hair by a Buehlertal Felsenteufel. ;)

Heidelberg Faschingsumzug Feb 12

Lest anyone think I only get excited about German parades, here are my photos from what could be considered my "first love" when it comes to parades - my hometown's yearly Big Parade.  I hear lots of bitching every year about how lame Fasching/Karneval/whatever is, but I love getting to see some marching bands, enjoying some lovingly half-assed homemade decorations, and getting beaned by a few Maoams or Tootsie Rolls.  It's fun! And free! :)

Some previous years:
Heidelberg 2007:
Endingen 2007:

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  1. Always love a parade, especially the "home town" kind. I consider many of the fest parades in smaller German towns to be the equivalent of the one in your home town.


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