Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spaghetti-Säule in Pieces!


When we arrived in Heidelberg, I heard an English speaker describe this landmark as the "Spaghetti Statue". I thought it was just their personal term of affection for it - but later, waiting to meet someone at the statue, a popular Treffpunkt in the Bismarckplatz, I overheard Germans calling it the "Spaghetti-Säule" ("Spaghetti Column").  Apparently that's the known term for it. :)

Unfortunately, the poor thing, rather hideous though it may be, is in pieces at the moment!  During our recent cold snap, the base cracked. You can see the crack on the right side in the photo above. They've taken it apart (the Spaghetti-ish pieces are usually on top) to prevent it breaking apart on its own, and they plan to replace the base.  Until then, the Bismarckplatz just won't be the same...

More here (auf Deutsch):


  1. Think the FSM was displeased with the Pastafarians' weak attempt at a likeness of his noodly appendage?

  2. That's a definite possibility. I hope they do a better job when they fix it...his noodly vengeance might be worse next time.


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