Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Price of Chicken


Does anyone understand why there is such great variance in the price of chicken breasts?  It used to be €8.99 per kilo on expensive days, but then it moved up to €9.99 on expensive days, and now it routinely gets up to €10.99 per kilo.  When I see it for €6.99, like it was today, I feel compelled to get in on the deal regardless of my shopping list and meal plans.  But it sucks when you want to have chicken and it turns out to be €10.99.  (Still preferable to the days they've run out of it entirely...)  Sometimes you can get around it by buying the schnitzel-ified chicken pieces for less per kilo.  Meat is just expensive - we've been digging deeper into our bean repertoire!

Where do you get chicken, and what's the price?


  1. Since I live by myself and don't do an awful lot of cooking, I don't buy much meat. However, I am able to find quite meaty chicken drumsticks plus breast for about €3 for about 3-4 of them at Rewe. I'll take a look next time how much they are a kilo.

  2. Yeah, the drumsticks are definitely cheaper and I've been trying to use more recipes with those instead of breasts...but for stir-fried type things, I like to use the breasts. :)

  3. If there's grain in that chicken feed - like corn - the price for corn has doubled thanks to biofuels. They have to raise the price of the meat to compensate.

  4. I'm about to state something that will murder my foodie cred:

    I don't care for dark meat in poultry. It's a texture problem. I've never really liked meat on the bone in general, so I buy boobs pretty much every time. No sense in cooking something I don't like and won't eat.

    I've seen 8,99€/kilo for boneless, skinless breasts around here pretty consistently for the last 3 years. And it almost never goes on sale. If there IS a Sonderangebot sticker on it, they're usually trying to move it the day before or on the sell-by date, so that's less than tempting.

  5. It's 6.09/kilo here on an ordinary skinless boneless breast day (just checked the fridge). But that's not bio, of course.And also not bought on sale or at the local Turkish market, where I buy more of my meat- that's at Edeka, which I consider the more expensive of the stores I shop at.

  6. @lettershometoyou: We have a biodiesel plant in my hometown. Last time I was home it was basically shut down because of price issues...guess that's gotten better?

    @Sarah: I didn't know foodies were weird about chicken meat types. Boobs rule.

    @G: Wow, I can only dream of paying 6 Euro a kilo. I have noticed before that all the groceries cost more in Heidelberg than some other towns nearby...maybe it's more than other cities too.


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