Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Ice!

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Overnight the ice built up all the way to the Old Bridge! With all the water frozen, Heidelberg feels colder than ever. Some boats still charged through today so I guess it's not that thick.  Could it get thick enough to walk on, though?  Wouldn't that be cool?  The Monday forecast has been revised to a high of 0'C....

We went to Mannheim to meet with a friend for dim sum today and caught the S-Bahn at Karlstor, giving us the opportunity to walk over the Wehr and see what's going on there.  Water was pouring over, and thin sheets of ice that had been floating on top were cracking off and falling over the edge, with yet more satisfying ice-related noises.  I took a video to demonstrate. :)  All those broken chunks then float down to the big ice patch and glom on, resulting in that bumpy, patchy look above. 



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