Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unfortunate Choice of Font


Ask not whether someone pissed in the Cheerios of that grumpy person in your life.  They probably just ate Hater Muezli for breakfast.

For our non-German speakers, it's meant to say Hafer Muezli, a brand of oat muesli cereal (Hafer = oat).  Although muesli was originally made from oats by definition, you can get it with rye, spelt, and probably some other grains I haven't thought of too.


  1. The annoying thing is the 'z' in Müzli. The 't' vs 'f' confusion, well, it's a matter of opinion, I guess. Personally, I don't really see it upon first look (on second look, though, I get it).

  2. A little addendum: Of course, there is another annoying thing: the missing dash: Ha{f|t}er-Müzli. Otherwise it’s kind of an imperative mood: “Ha{f|t}er! Müsli” ('s' intentional). This is called “Deppenleerzeichen” (; cf. “Würfel Zucker”, like “Würfel! Zucker”, (quite loosely translated) as in “Roll the dice! Sugar.”


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