Saturday, January 28, 2012

Limburg an der Lahn

Quite* possibly the best Autobahn view in Germany can be found on the A3. We first saw it in 2007 when we went past on a bus during a two-week tour that was part of my husband's fellowship. We passed it a few more times later, and it never fails to amaze. Most of the town is below you in a valley while you cross a high bridge over the Lahn River. On what seems to be a higher level, floating head and shoulders above all the rest of the town, is the beautifully painted Limburger Dom (Limburg Cathedral). You can't possibly miss it.

But, other than that, we never heard much about Limburg one way or the other, so we never specifically planned to go there.  We wondered if no one talked about it because there wasn't anything there but a cathedral.  Who knows?  But on our trip back from the North, as I followed the map and the clock, it actually started to look like a really good place to stop for dinner.  

So, we stopped, followed signs to the Altstadt, and parked right underneath a big hill.  It turns out, this hill is covered partially by a beautiful Altstadt filled with narrow streets, half-timber houses, and tons of little shops.  It's as lovely as any more-advertised tourist town in Germany - why hadn't we heard more about it before??  I'd recommend it in a second.  The hill on which everything sits makes it all the more attractive.  We walked up to the cathedral, and wandered around inside as it got dark outside (and inside!).  Afterward, we wandered the Altstadt for a cheap restaurant.  No Doener joints to be found, but we did find an Italian place that wasn't so bad and got a quick dinner before completing our journey to Heidelberg.

Limburg an der Lahn Okt 11

*I've been wanting to use this Q for a excuse my awkward phrasing! ;)


  1. I agree. Limburg was only an hour from me and I've been there several times.

    Nice green area for strolling too.


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