Monday, October 31, 2011

Look what my husband found....

From the Edeka in Eppelheim:
He got a hot tip from someone at his lab who heard Americans like root beer!  He said it was about 1,50 per can.

Here's a look at Heidelberg earlier today (before the sun went down at an ungodly early time):
A beautiful fall day, coinciding nicely with the four-day weekend a lot of people took on account of Allerheiligen (All Saints' Day) tomorrow.  It was almost 20'C!  Alas, I was out buying lavender to make sachets for the closet when I took this picture.  Over the weekend we suddenly started seeing a LOT of clothes moths. No sign of larvae or cocoons yet, but there are so many they must have come from here somewhere...either that or one of our neighbors must really have a lot of them.  Yuck.  Recently two friends reported massive kitchen moth infestations so it was only a matter of time until something of the sort hit here.  Hope those aren't next...

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Blogroll Grows...Again

As the number of expat-in-Germany blogs grows out of control, it's been increasingly difficult for me to keep my blogroll updated! It shows, too, as there are tons of bloggers who won't link to you until you link to them so I'm finding myself out there less and less often. Obviously only some can have the privilege of waiting to be linked to, or no one would have blogrolls at all. ;) Are blogrolls useful anymore, anyway? What's the current thinking on that? Anyway, I hope I've not missed anyone - just let me know if I have.

Actual content coming soon, as I'm nearly finished wading through 2000+ photos from October! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Die Mauer ist zurueck!

Heidelberg's surest sign of the impending arrival of winter came today: the return of the windbreak that goes up every year on the bridge between Neuenheim and the Bismarckplatz.

Here they are, tying it on. I'm happy to see the end of the hot weather, but I feel we've gone a bit too quickly from "gotta walk on the shady side of the street" to "gotta walk on the sunny side of the street"! I could use a few more weeks of that nice in-between weather.

Walking around today, I really had the feeling of impending winter, as there was a cold, hard wind coming out of the valley and there seemed to be a ton of projects going on that people wanted to hurry up and complete before it got too cold. There were workers painting the hideous new railings on the Neuenheimer Landstrasse a slightly darker shade of gray, painting window frames, washing windows, putting up the windbreak, and on our own building, doing a massive outside cleaning that required us to close all our shutters and completely clear our terraces. (I guess it was about time to get all those old beer bottles off the deck anyway...) And, I finally found and wore my gloves for the first time this season.

Soon there will be Gluehwein....

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Very Brief Summary

Some stuff we did recently that I haven't blogged about yet:

And what we're about to do: