Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is the end...

Heidelberg's Christmas market ends today! With the exception of the stands around the skating rink in the Karlsplatz (which will be open until January 8), this is the last night to grab your favorite Weihnachtsmarkt goodies.

If you need some recommendations, let me help:

*Zimtsterne in the Marktplatz - there's a stand that makes them on the spot and cuts up the odd-shaped bits and gives them away.  Best Zimtsterne ever.

*Schaumkusse - the best variety is in the back right corner of the Uniplatz, including my favorite, the After Eight (mint) flavor! (Second best: cinnamon!) Hopefully they've not run out yet because I'm stopping there tonight for one!

*Spicy wurst - the Teufelswurst in the Marktplatz from the little food stand next to the giant pyramid. It's spicier than the Feuerwurst at any other stand!

*Kaesespaetzle - same place as the Teufelswurst. It's definitely the fair food version of this, but somehow it's awesome.

*Kartoffelpuffer - I got burned by some really disgusting Kartoffelpuffer in Hassloch this year and have been avoiding them since. But, normally the best of these are also in the Marktplatz, back in the corner near the Marktstube. The same stand also has some local goodies like Germknoedel!

*Feuerzangenbowle - The only place that seems to be doing it this year, unless I have missed something, is in the Uniplatz in the corner closest to the Jesuitenkirche. You don't get your own sugar cube, but you might get to see them make it in a giant vat. Stale Spekulatius included.

*Crepes - Best savory crepes: Marktplatz near the Maxbar. Beware, it's also the healthiest crepe stand so you'll be in line behind a bunch of college girls trying to stay thin. My favorite crepe: After Eight! Only available from the crepe maker that's inside the Langos stand behind the carousel in the Uniplatz. Most generous crepe: the guy on the Karlsplatz. Had one of his overstuffed creations last night and managed to gloop Nutella over pretty much everything I was wearing. It was awesome.

*Cup with your name on it - you know you want one. They're in the Anatomiegarten.


  1. You have been there long enough to sound like a local. You know all "the" places.

  2. I love that photo of the Heidelberger. I don't think I could get one so nice in low light. Mmmmmmm . . . Tuefelswurst.

  3. We went down on Friday. THe one in Mannheim was still open - Heidelberg's should have been too!


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