Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patrick Wolf on Heidelberg


PW Heidelberg a video by Camillipede on Flickr.

Last night we saw Patrick Wolf play at Karlstorbahnhof. I'm always interested to hear what artists from outside the country say when they play here. I think my favorite was Tunng, who said they all walked up to the castle and promptly fell asleep in the garden for a couple of hours. They had a lot of people in their band so it was a funny public group nap image. I didn't catch his whole story on video, but it began with him asking if anyone had been to his last show in Heidelberg 6 years ago, then saying he wanted to come here because he remembered coming as a little kid, and (then the video picks up). The multi-bus-trip warehouse in the middle of nowhere that he talks about is, amusingly, the Schwimmbad. :D Other Germany-related hijinks: he went to the Christmas market in the afternoon (it opened yesterday) and bought himself one of those flower-and-heart mugs with your name on it that everyone has, and was drinking out of it during the show. And, at some point in a song, he just yelled, "GLUEHWEIN!" Which is funny, and if the Germans I know are to believed, very foreigner-y. (They all claim to think the whole Weihnachtsmarkt thing is bad-kitschy and lame. Sigh, how wrong they are.)

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!


  1. I would not mind going to such a markt:)I hope that the tradition will be still living!

  2. very kool post..and happy thanksgiving to u..hope you had a nice turkey!

  3. Agreed- very neat post! I've never heard Patrick Wolf's music... The harp thing looks intriguing. I love me some stringed instruments!


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