Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today Heidelberg offers one of its most beloved combinations: blue sky above, eerie fog below. Hurry up and appreciate it, because the sun will be down in an hour or less!

PS. Didn't a hashtag used to represent an IRC channel, or am I thinking of some other symbol?


  1. You are remembering right, a hashtag used to denote an IRC channel. Ahh.. the good old days of IRC.

  2. We have the weird weather clear sky/fog thing here, too. I find it mighty peculiar seeing a cloud sitting on the Taunus when there's not a single one anywhere else in the sky!

  3. I like the juxtaposition of the fog lying on the river and the blue sky above it. That's really odd.

    Fog in the Oberpfalz engages in no half-measures. You can be standing on the highest point of the Stone Bridge and not see the Dom spires at all!

  4. Wow....what an amazing picture. I think that is #blowupbigandframeworthy.

    The weather where I am is 25C...again. :)


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