Monday, October 31, 2011

Look what my husband found....

From the Edeka in Eppelheim:
He got a hot tip from someone at his lab who heard Americans like root beer!  He said it was about 1,50 per can.

Here's a look at Heidelberg earlier today (before the sun went down at an ungodly early time):
A beautiful fall day, coinciding nicely with the four-day weekend a lot of people took on account of Allerheiligen (All Saints' Day) tomorrow.  It was almost 20'C!  Alas, I was out buying lavender to make sachets for the closet when I took this picture.  Over the weekend we suddenly started seeing a LOT of clothes moths. No sign of larvae or cocoons yet, but there are so many they must have come from here somewhere...either that or one of our neighbors must really have a lot of them.  Yuck.  Recently two friends reported massive kitchen moth infestations so it was only a matter of time until something of the sort hit here.  Hope those aren't next...


  1. Way cool!

    I've found an asian supermarket near my apartment here in Berlin stocks A&W Root Beer -- oddly, though, it is imported from Thailand.

  2. I just got home from Rewe and was marveling that the girl in front of me put a can of Diet Dr. Pepper on the belt. It had some funky labels on it, so I'm guessing they restocked their American shelf now that all the exchange students have arrived for the winter semester! (hopefully they tossed the expired Paul Newman Caesar dressing that was 9 Euro...)

  3. Oh my God! ROOT BEER! I miss it so much! 1.50 a can is pretty steep, but it may be worth it just every once in a while!

  4. I think it's definitely worth the occasional 1,50 for a root beer float. :) Reportedly it's also available at the Heidelberg Zuckerladen, but when we tried to find out for ourselves, the place was locked up (during opening hours) on account of "crowdedness". You can never really count on it. ;)

  5. OOOOOO root beer! The only soda I've ever liked... I love telling my German buddies about root beer floats and watching their eyes get big at what is a very strange thought for most of them. Especially since most of them have never had root beer before.

    When the Beard and I were in the states last he finally got to try some. But unfortunately his verdict was that it was disgusting. Mountain Dew was more his think (ech, not mine). Oh the little things...

  6. Hi. Came across your blog from Laurel's Expat in Germany. I wasn't missing root beer floats but now I kind of am lol. I'll have to remember to look for it. I am glad that I can order a Coke most anywhere though.

    I caught a sunny day my second time out in Heidelberg. I'm glad as the sun has been going down quite early when it comes out at all (since I got here it's been cloudy all but two or three times).

    Knock on wood never had clothes moths. Hope you get rid of yours.


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