Monday, October 24, 2011

Die Mauer ist zurueck!

Heidelberg's surest sign of the impending arrival of winter came today: the return of the windbreak that goes up every year on the bridge between Neuenheim and the Bismarckplatz.

Here they are, tying it on. I'm happy to see the end of the hot weather, but I feel we've gone a bit too quickly from "gotta walk on the shady side of the street" to "gotta walk on the sunny side of the street"! I could use a few more weeks of that nice in-between weather.

Walking around today, I really had the feeling of impending winter, as there was a cold, hard wind coming out of the valley and there seemed to be a ton of projects going on that people wanted to hurry up and complete before it got too cold. There were workers painting the hideous new railings on the Neuenheimer Landstrasse a slightly darker shade of gray, painting window frames, washing windows, putting up the windbreak, and on our own building, doing a massive outside cleaning that required us to close all our shutters and completely clear our terraces. (I guess it was about time to get all those old beer bottles off the deck anyway...) And, I finally found and wore my gloves for the first time this season.

Soon there will be Gluehwein....


  1. I hear you on missing that in-between weather. What I thought was a cold snap has unfortunately stayed. =/ At least the fall colors are pretty decent in my area!

  2. *sigh*

    I have to dig out my hand shoes as well.

  3. Just dropped in. I have a similiar impression-today it's a cold wind, end of warm days seems to be definite


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