Friday, October 28, 2011

The Blogroll Grows...Again

As the number of expat-in-Germany blogs grows out of control, it's been increasingly difficult for me to keep my blogroll updated! It shows, too, as there are tons of bloggers who won't link to you until you link to them so I'm finding myself out there less and less often. Obviously only some can have the privilege of waiting to be linked to, or no one would have blogrolls at all. ;) Are blogrolls useful anymore, anyway? What's the current thinking on that? Anyway, I hope I've not missed anyone - just let me know if I have.

Actual content coming soon, as I'm nearly finished wading through 2000+ photos from October! :)


  1. See, I wonder about Blogrolls too. I haven't updated mine in ever, like way ever. I bet half the links don't even work anymore.

    And really, this wouldn't bother me except for the fact that I do, in fact, use blogrolls. Selectively, but I do use them.

    *ps- just checked and saw you ARE on my blogroll, lol. Perhaps gathering some virtual dust, but there nonetheless! =)

  2. I like Blogrolls. I always have a look to see if there is one I haven't started reading yet, but again I haven't really updated mine for ages either although a couple of days ago I did delete a couple who seem to have abandoned their blogs.

    It is nice to be added to other peoples blogrolls but it wouldn't stop me from adding them to mine if I like what I read. I often check out other peoples blogs via comments they have left on posts too.

  3. @Juliette: I admit to not using them so much - I did when I first started out, though. Now I mostly click through from comments or when people link other blogs within posts.

    @Morgenmuffel - Shoot, I DID miss you, but you're added now! The hardest ones for me to remember to add seem to be the sites I follow via the Google Friend Follower (or whatever it's called).

  4. Honestly, I wouldn't sweat the people who pester me about linking back... actually, people who pester me tend to have poor quality blogs.

    Other than my BFFs, the only blogs that I link to on my list are blogs that are updated regularly and are well written.

    I wouldn't feel guilty about whether or not I linked to somebody or not...

    That said, I should run through mine and make sure it's accurate.

  5. As you said, I originally used blogrolls (an actual site, in my case) quite a bit when I started blogging. Mainly to find other interesting blogs in the area of what I was reading. Then Bloglines blew up for a while and I started using Google Reader, which actually maintains and internal list for my benefit and a blogroll never made its way back out to this iteration of my site. Now I generally click through people's comments when I see someone that I find interesting.
    So: it's nice to be included:-), and I enjoy your list and am glad that you don't require others to have a list to list them!

  6. I am insanely guilty of blogroll neglect. Probably time I went through and updated it. I like it when other people have good blogrolls that help lead me to other interesting blogs. But a poorly-curated blogroll (say, like mine these days) is pretty useless.

    I changed my blog name (to This International Life) a while back, so if you feel like adding one more tweak, you could update it on your blogroll. :)

  7. @Adam, my initial criteria was just to be an expat blog in Germany that I read. I've tried to stick to that, although it might be getting a little unwieldy at this point.

    @G, I use Reader, too. I think that's what's made it harder to bother maintaining my links!

    @Jul, fixed, thanks! :)

  8. aww no worries. I think that is the reason I haven't updated the Blogroll much because I just check out my reading list from the dashboard, which is very handy!

  9. I'm not on your blogroll, but I'm not going to complain about it, because I've never had a real blogroll and the links I do have haven't been updated in years. Ha . . .

  10. I def do my share of clicking on blogrolls to find other blogs that I might like, especially during a boring moment at work...

    But I personally don't keep one because keeping up with linking people back and whatnot made me feel all socially awkward all the time. Haha. So now I just do a post about my favorite blogs with links and descriptions once a year. Keeps the sidebar looking tidy too. :)


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