Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the hole? III

This was the view yesterday on the Neuenheimer Landstrasse:

A fence on the wall, indeed.  But why?  Does it convert to a flood barrier?  Is Heidelberg preparing for global warming?


  1. It's a little difficult to tell when exactly that wall was build, but probably at a time when it was considered your own business if you fell down on the other side.

  2. It is designed to prevent Americans, like you, from tipping over and subsequently pursue a multi-million dollar lawsuit.


  3. mmm: Thanks, I so super appreciate being personally labeled as the type to pursue lawsuits as a result of my own stupidity!!!

    Cliff: not that I know of! People did sit on it though...maybe they wanted to prevent that? Kind of a shame.

  4. Perhaps you are supposed to tie your raft to it when the water rises to that point, so that you don't float down the river to the Rhine and from there out to sea.


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