Thursday, September 01, 2011

What the hole? II

roviding further evidence that this blog is the center of the universe, the mysterious wall holes were filled the day after I posted about them!  So, the weeks of wondering are finally over - sort of.  This doesn't look like a finished product to me.  I wonder if they are planning to raise the height of the entire wall. I hadn't noticed this before, but looking now at the big sign posted at the end of the road, in the plan it looks like the wall is waist-high.  Right now the stone wall is only knee-high. Well, for a tall person.  The boards now are up to my chest so they're pretty high.  Could they be considering putting the bike lane on this side of the sidewalk, and want a higher wall for bikes?

In other construction news, this massive machine vibrates the whole neighborhood.  It's putting down big fat layers of tar.  This section of the road is supposed to open up again tomorrow or Saturday, but don't get too excited. Just beyond the end of the photograph is the next section to be shut down and resurfaced.  On September 11 (if I'm remembering correctly - I misplaced the info), the road will open again and there will be a dorky little celebration about it on the Alte Bruecke. I think it's even going to have live music! :)


  1. My guess of some sort of Lego-based construction seems way off. That's too bad.

  2. I've been biking along this piece every day on my way from Ziegelhausen to the VolkshochSchule for the language class. I am continually amazed at how accomodating the construction guys are to bikers and peds. In the US the whole area would be barricaded from any kind of interim use whatsoever. When completed, I think the whole thing should be restricted to bikes, peds, and local -- not thru -- traffic. I fell I have definitely been spoiled by the absense of cars here.

  3. We have a similar wall in Cologne that I thought was to keep the bikers on the right side but is actually a flood barrier. Is this near the river?


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