Monday, August 22, 2011

You Are Invited

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Behind the scenes, a group of Germany's English-speaking expat bloggers has been planning our 2011 yearly meetup (sometimes known as the WEBMU) - in Cologne from October 21-23! If you're interested in speaking English all weekend with a bunch of expats, you are invited! The agenda is going to include all kinds of fun things such as Mexican food, Dom or city tours, Koelsch-drinking, and the annual TQE Queer Expedition (all welcome!)!  Cliff of Regensblog has been working to expand our web presence so I'm happy to link you now to a new site sharing information about our community and meet-ups - check in there for more information, and if you're a blogger, register on our forum!

I've been to several of these meet-ups in the past and it's a great weekend away with people who know how to small-talk. Consider joining us!

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  1. [Dancing to the music....]

    Can't wait to meet you guys! :-)


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