Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What the hole?

Construction continues along the Neuenheimer Landstrasse on the north side of the Neckar, across from the Altstadt.  The road closed to thru traffic in May 2010, but is now being totally closed off one section at a time for complete resurfacing. The project is supposed to be finished next month. They aren't just redoing the road and sidewalk - some other changes have been popping up, too.  In a couple of places, stone columns have been built up on the ends of stone walls.  And speaking of the stone walls, a few weeks ago these mysterious holes appeared at regular intervals in the tops of the walls.  The reason for the holes, which are about a foot (30 cm) deep, still isn't clear to me.  Any guesses?


  1. Mount points for removable flood barriers, perhaps?

  2. What Cliff said is better than my guess of (ordinary) holes for fence posts/uprights.

  3. I think they are up awfully high for flood barriers. I've seen them irl and I couldn't figure it out. There are too many of them for them to be coring to see if the wall is still intact.


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