Thursday, August 25, 2011

Schwaebisch Hall!

Last month, a couple of friends of ours from the US came to visit with their 10-month-old son. They rented a car, which gave us the opportunity to do something we haven't done in a while (d/t finances) - visit a new German town! We went down to Schwaebisch Hall, which is an easy jaunt down the Autobahn from Heidelberg.

Schwaebisch Hall Jul 11

We arrived and easily found a parking garage, then had a quick bakery lunch and wandered around town.  We were lucky to have beautiful weather!  Schwaebisch Hall sits on the River Kocher, which is infamous between my husband and I as the place where we capsized in a canoe only days after arriving in Germany.  The town is full of half-timber houses and also includes a couple of covered bridges!  The bridges lead to a small island in the river where you can find a round open-air theater painted with Shakespeare verses all the way around in English and German.  The biggest landmark in town is St. Michael's Church, which sits atop a hill and many, many stairs on a platz shared with the Rathaus, a fountain, and a variety of pretty buildings.  We admired all this, then had some Spaghetti Eis - a must-do for any visitor to Germany, of course! In all, it makes for a pleasant day trip if you're nearby!  Check out the photos!


  1. Lovely, a perfect way to spend a summer day!

  2. Another worthwhile destination.

    Go to NRW, especially the Sauerland. And most certainly Lippstadt, also known as the Venice of the Ruhrpott, and its main pedestrian zone referred to as the Champs Elyssee. I think it'll blow your socks...

    People fishing in one of the many canals right from their balconies!

  3. beautiful pics!
    We'll have to add it to our long list of places to see in Germany.


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