Sunday, August 21, 2011

No more Imbiss


In this spot there used to be a little Imbiss (food stand) in a trailer.  It was owned by an older woman, was a little grody, seemed to be open at random times, and always had a stand full of curled-up, faded Heidelberg postcards sitting out front.  I walked or biked past it nearly every day but I never really saw it very busy even though it was well-located right by the Neckarwiese.

Last December the owner of the Imbiss passed away, and it needed to be relicensed for operation.  Apparently, Heidelberg had no plan to grant this license.  Her family scrubbed it until it was spick-and-span, put out petitions to keep it open, set up a Facebook page, and campaigned from the trailer.  Sadly I never got around to taking a photo of it during this time. 

Unfortunately (for them - I have to admit to not patronizing the place more than once or twice), they were not successful in their efforts.  One day the trailer disappeared and was replaced by this cross, which reads "RIP Traditions Imbiss".  The cross was also gone one day later.  In the background: one of Heidelberg's many, many cigarette vending machines!


  1. I actually had my first beer at that place. Almost 20 years ago.

  2. Those cigarette machines are as much of an eyesore as are smokers. I'd suggest they all be taken down as part of a general advertising ban, but the lobby would scream JOB LOSSES!
    Still, they do serve one purpose. Smokers can get their fix anywhere they want, instead of clogging up the supermarket checkout lines while everyone waits as the clerk frees a pack that always seems to get jammed on the way out of those cages they cram them into.

  3. Kato: That's awesome. Had you been there recently?

    Ian: You'll be happy to know that the cigarette machine has since disappeared. :)

  4. lettershometoyou, so that's what you took away from the post?


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