Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Brain Not Recovered

Our minds have been slow to recover from the English-language vacation this time. When we returned to Germany, my husband slipped and spoke English to passport control - first time that happened.
It's been more than two weeks since we came back and I had been doing okay...until now, when a "thank you" slipped out to the UPS man. ARGH! This has seriously not been a problem before. Are our subconscious minds trying to drag us back to the English-speaking world??


  1. I think it's absolutely normal when you live in a bi-lingual world. I have the very same problems. Some words can't be translated or the meaning wouldn't be the same. When I'm reading a german book I have a hard time going back to thinking in english, when I am with my german friends sometimes english words slip out...

    Don't be to hard on yourself.

    Do you want to go back?

  2. When you think about it, when the German and I ame back from Birmingham, Passport control spoke to him in German in Amsterdam. He didn't understand it and kept on answering him in English, saying "Excuse me?". (To the point where the officer was quite pissed off.) I translated for him and then he answered- in English. On his side, he says it's because the man's German accent was so bad he couldn't understand it.I found that amazing.

  3. The subconscious is a funny thing. I was typing an email (in English) the other day and somehow I ended up typing a 'v' in place of where a 'w' should've been. Somewhere in the depths of my brain, I obviously thought that was the sound it should be making so that's what I was supposed to type. Then there are days where I understand none of the German that's being spoken to me. It's always a challenge!


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