Monday, May 30, 2011



Gluecksbringer means lucky charm! I finally got these overcute sandals at Kaufhof after visiting them a few times just to have a look. You might also be able to get them or something like them at the online Adelheidladen. I started seeing this brand around shops about two years ago and they are a great source for gift ideas if you want to get someone something cute and German, but not a cuckoo clock or stein. In Heidelberg I've seen Adelheid stuff at both Kaufhofs, Bolero, Bofinger, and Subway.

I think it's worth pointing out (to those who don't speak German) that Glueck is not only the German word for luck, but also the word for happiness. I think they might be on to something there. It's not just the idea that being lucky could bring you happiness, but the idea that whether or not you are happy in life is mostly determined by luck. I think the role of luck is downplayed in the US, where we try to believe that things we can determine on our own get us where we are and that we therefore all have infinite possibilities in life....and those who don't must have done something wrong to get them there. Thoughts?


  1. I LOVE these! Should have picked some up before we left. Too cute, and perfect for summer :)

  2. Very cool! It's a good idea for my wife. Maybe I will have to get her a pair.

  3. Loving these - and this brand! Got my mom some slippers from here for her birthday.

    Perhaps it's the American in me, but I have a hard time thinking that happiness has that much to do with circumstances outside our control. It's all about how you respond to these things. Or maybe that's just what I'd prefer to believe, as a control freak. There definitely are circumstances - 'luck' or otherwise - that often dictate things in our lives, so I suppose I can't rule it out altogether. Guess I'd better get myself some of those shoes as insurance! ;)


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